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Strategic Direction: Our Strategy

We intend to provide the leading transacting system for the billions of unbanked and under-banked people in the world to engage in electronic transactions, to be the provider of choice for secure mobile payment and other card-not-present transactions and to provide our transaction processing, value-added services processing and healthcare processing services globally. To achieve these goals, we are pursuing the following strategies:

Build on our significant and established infrastructures

We control significant components of the payment infrastructure in South Africa, South Korea, Botswana and Namibia and we believe that we are well-positioned to leverage our existing asset base to continue to gain market share and build upon the critical mass that we have developed.

For example, in South Africa, we are one of the leading independent transaction processors, the national provider of social welfare payment distribution services to the country's large unbanked and under-banked population, the largest third-party processor of retail merchant transactions and the leading processor of third-party payroll payments. We believe that our large cardholder base, specialized technology and payment infrastructure, together with our strong government and business relationships, position us at the epicenter of commerce in the country. Through our national distribution platform and relationships with a number of leading companies across multiple industries, we believe that we can provide many of the services consumed by our cardholders who would normally not have access to these services or would otherwise have to rely on the informal sector. We have already introduced several services to our cardholder and merchant base, such as low cost, high functionality bank accounts, microloans, life insurance, bill payment, prepaid mobile top-up and prepaid utility services. We have a network of mobile ATMs to provide services to our cardholders, and we have established a national fixed ATM network. We aim to increase the adoption of our existing services by expanding our cardholder base and our transacting network, and we aim to increase our service offerings by developing new products and distribution networks and by forging partnerships with industry participants who share our vision and can accelerate the implementation of our business plan. Our core focus remains the development and provision of our technological expertise. We have established significant operational assets to ensure the rapid deployment of our technology. As these deployments mature, we may share or dispose of these operational assets if we believe this will result in higher efficiencies and synergistic benefits where we are able to provide technology to an expanded base of clients and operations.

Our latest product, EasyPay Everywhere, provides our target market with an affordable all-inclusive transactional bank account with unfettered access to financial services such as microloans, life insurance, remittances, value added services such as prepaid utilities and bill payments through their mobile phones and our national network of ATMs and POS devices.

We plan to follow a similar approach in the other markets where we have an established infrastructure, taking into account the specific requirements of the local legislation, the composition of the local payment system and the specific components that we own or control. In markets where we do not have an established infrastructure, we intended to collaborate with local partners to provide a similar end-to-end solution.

Leveraging our new payment technologies to gain access to developed and developing economies

While our business has traditionally focused on marketing products and services to the world's unbanked and under-banked population, we have developed and acquired proprietary technology, with a specific focus on mobile payments, that is particularly relevant to developed economies as well. Our MVC application for mobile telephones, for example, is designed to eliminate fraud associated with card-not-present credit card transactions effected by telephone or over the internet and are prevalent in developed economies such as the United States. We believe that mobile payments, mobile wallets and the related applications should be a critical component of a payment processor's future strategy and we have dedicated a significant portion of our research and development and business development resources to ensure that we remain at the forefront of this rapidly evolving technological space. While some of our mobile solutions are more relevant in developed markets such as the United States, we have also experienced significant demand for our mobile payment solutions from developing economies, where mobile transacting is seen as the best solution to rapidly leapfrog the antiquated payment solutions typically available in these countries at minimal cost. We plan to expand our market share in the mobile solutions and card-not-present processing markets by pursuing partnerships or supply relationships with online merchants, virtual card issuers, payment services processors, mobile remittance providers and other online service providers.

Pursue strategic acquisition opportunities or partnerships to gain access to new markets or complementary product

We will continue to pursue acquisition opportunities and partnerships that provide us with an entry point for our existing products into a new market, or provide us with technologies or solutions complementary to our current offerings. Our recent acquisition of Transact 24 Limited, a Hong Kong based payment services provider, for example, provides us with access to the rapidly growing Chinese financial technology market and its participants, such as China UnionPay and Alipay, while our recent acquisition of Masterpayment has enabled access to the European market and to value-added products such as working capital financing for online retailers. In addition, we expect to leverage our relationship with the International Finance Corporation and certain funds management by IFC Asset Management Company, collectively, the IFC Investors, as well as utilize the proceeds received from them to pursue strategic and synergistic acquisition opportunities and partnerships in developing markets.

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