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Business Structure


Our EasyPay business unit operates the largest bank-independent financial switch in Southern Africa and is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

EasyPay focuses on the provision of high-volume, secure and convenient payment, prepayment and value-added services to the South African market.

EasyPay's infrastructure connects into all major South African banks and switches both debit and credit card EFT transactions for some of South Africa's leading retailers and petroleum companies. It is a South African Reserve Bank, or SARB, approved third-party payment processor.

In addition to its core transaction processing and switching operations, EasyPay provides a complete end-to-end reconciliation and settlement service to its customers.

This service includes dynamic reconciliation as well as easy-to-use report and screen-query tools for down-to-store-level, management and control purposes.

The EasyPay suite of services includes:
  • EFT - EasyPay switches credit, debit and fleet card transactions for leading South African retailers and petroleum companies; 
  • EasyPay bill payment - EasyPay offers consumers a point-of-sale bill payment service which is integrated into a large number of national retailers, the internet, self service kiosks and mobile handsets. EasyPay processes monthly account payment transactions for over 350 different bill issuers including major local authorities, telephone companies, utilities, medical service providers, traffic departments, mail order companies, banks and insurance companies; 
  • EasyPay prepaid electricity - This service enables local utility companies such as Eskom Holdings Limited and a growing number of local authorities on a national basis to sell prepaid electricity to their customers; 
  • Prepaid airtime - EasyPay vends airtime at retail POS terminals for all the South African mobile telephone network operators;
  • Electronic gift voucher - EasyPay supports the electronic generation, issuance and redemption of paper or card-based gift vouchers; 
  • EasyPay licenses - EasyPay enables the issuance of new South African Broadcasting television licenses and the capturing of existing license details within retail environments via a web-based user interface; 
  • Third party switching and processing support - EasyPay switches transactions from retail POS systems to the relevant back-end systems; 
  • Hosting services - EasyPay's infrastructure supports the hosting of payment or back-up servers and applications on behalf of third parties, including utility companies; 
  • EasyPay Kiosk - We have developed a biometrically enabled self service kiosk that allows our EasyPay customers to access all the value-added services provided by EasyPay and to create and load their EasyPay virtual wallets with value; and 
  • EasyPay Web and Mobile - This service enables EasyPay customers to access all the value-added services provided by EasyPay, such as bill payments and the purchase of prepaid airtime and utilities through a secure website that may be accessed through personal computers or through mobile handsets. 

EasyPay provides 24x7 monitoring and support services, reconciliation, automated clearing bureau settlement, reporting, full disaster recovery and redundancy services.

This business unit has been allocated to our South African transaction-based activities reporting segment.

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