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    • Data Date : 2022-05-26
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Business Structure


Our KSNET business unit is a significant payment solutions provider in Korea, has the broadest product offering in the country, a base of approximately 220,000 merchants and an extensive direct and indirect sales network.

KSNET is based in Seoul, Korea. KSNET's core operations comprise of three project offerings, namely card value-added network, or VAN, payment gateway, or PG, and banking VAN. KSNET is able to realize significant synergies across these core operations because it is the only payment solutions provider that offers all three of these offerings in Korea.

Over 90% of KSNET's revenue comes from the provision of payment processing services to merchants and card issuers through its card VAN.

KSNET's core product offerings are described in more detail below:
  • Card VAN - KSNET's card VAN offering  manages credit and other non-cash alternative payment mechanisms for retail transaction processing for a wide range of merchants and every credit card issuer in Korea. Non-cash alternative payment mechanisms for which KSNET provides processing services include all credit and debit cards and e-currency (K-cash and TMoney). KSNET also records cash transactions for the Korean National Tax Service in the form of cash receipts. 
  • PG - KSNET offers PG services  to the rapidly growing number of merchants that are moving online in Korea. PG provides these merchants with a host of alternative payment solutions including the ability to accept credit and debit cards, gift and other prepaid cards, and bank account transfers. PG also provides virtual account capabilities. KSNET is currently the only card VAN provider that also provides PG services in Korea. PG offers us an attractive growth opportunity as e-commerce transactions represent an increasing share of payments, driven by increased wire-line and wireless broadband penetration, an increasing number of merchants moving online, and the enhanced security of online transactions driving consumer acceptance. We believe that KSNET can become the leading provider in the PG industry by leveraging its existing merchant base and entering into new markets earlier than competitors.
  • Banking VAN - KSNET's banking VAN operations  currently include account transaction processing services, payment and collections to banks, corporate firms, governmental bodies, and educational institutions. We distinguish card VAN from banking VAN because in the Korean VAN market, banking VAN is recognized as a distinct service from card VAN. We are the only card VAN provider that also provides banking VAN services. Because the banking VAN business industry is at a nascent stage, the market at this time is relatively small.

This business unit has been allocated to our international transaction-based activities reporting segment.

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