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    • Data Time : 09:00 CAT
    • Data Date : 2022-05-26
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    • Volume : 61.301
    • Data Time : 21:59 CAT
    • Data Date : 2022-05-27
Business Structure

Mobile Virtual Card

Our Net1 Virtual Card business unit is managed from Johannesburg, South Africa with business development support branches in the USA, Austria, India and Indonesia.

Our MVC technology provides a completely secure, off-line payment solution for card not present transactions, such as payments made for internet purchases, The MVC technology runs as a application on any mobile phone and utilizes Net1's patented cryptographic card generator to secure any payment transaction. The advent of new technologies such as NFC or QR Codes also enables the utilization of our MVC technology for card present payments.

Our launch customer in the US, MetroPCS, is one of the top five US wireless carriers. MetroPCS offers our MVC technology under the VCPayTM brand as an application that is pre-loaded on new smart phones.

We believe our VCPay application is the first mobile phone-based prepaid program with no requirement for the user to have a physical card or bank account. In addition, we have entered into agreements with MoneyGram International, a global money transfer company, and GreenDot Corporation, a major issuer of prepaid credit cards in the United States, to enable subscribers to load their prepaid virtual accounts with cash at any of MoneyGram's and GreenDot's 100,000 US agents, which are located in most communities including many grocery, pharmacy and convenience store chains, or electronically via their bank accounts or via direct deposit.

We have also concluded deals for the provision of MVC services and/or licenses with customers in Mexico, Spain and India.

This business unit has been allocated to our international transaction-based activities reporting segments.

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