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Key Products

Hardware Solutions

We provide hardware solutions that have been developed to optimize the performance of our payment and transaction processing solutions. These hardware solutions include;

  • Cryptographic solutions - Our internally-developed range of PIN encryption devices, card acceptance modules and hardware security modules are primarily aimed at the financial, retail, telecommunication, utilities and petroleum sectors. These devices and modules are suited for high-speed transaction processing requirements, acceptance of multiple payment tokens, value-added services at point of transaction, and adherence to stringent transaction security and payment association standards such as TDES and EMV.
  • Chip and GSM licensing  - We supply chip cards into the South African and other international markets. We work with mobile network operators, card manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers to provide card technology, solutions and software that enable mobile telephony, mobile transactions and value-added services to take place in a trusted, secure and convenient manner. These chip products and technology include operating system and application development, card manufacture and production, from concept and design through, printing, packaging and distribution. At the core of our chip business is the strategy of licensing chip software to a wide spectrum of other industry participants.
  • POS solutions- We supply our secure, integrated POS payment products and systems, including:
    • FlexiLANE - An in-store controller ideally suited to multi-lane retail and petroleum station environments. The in-store controller forms an interfacing and concentration layer between a group of distributed terminal devices and a centralized payment and value-added service, or VAS, aggregator. This helps large retailers and petroleum companies to overcome the challenges associated with processing multiple transactions from multiple access devices using multiple tender types;
    • FlexiGATE - A terminal and payment gateway that manages the routing of all FlexiLANE traffic and enables retailers to supply VAS such as airtime top-up, electricity payment and bill payment;
    • FlexiPOS - An innovative retail solution that allows the retailer's various payment and VAS solution requirements to be streamlined into a single payment terminal. FlexiPOS transforms the POS terminal into a convenient and consumer friendly place of purchase, place of payment and place of service; and
    • EMV - Net1's payment expertise helps ensure that retailers together with their acquirers meet the requirements of upgrading software, terminals and security for conformity with the latest international chip card standards.
    • Ingenico POS equipment
  • Virtual top-up - our VTU solution facilitates mobile phone-based prepaid airtime vending. The VTU technology enables prepaid cell phone users to purchase additional airtime simply, securely and conveniently. The vendor uses its GSM handset to purchase bulk airtime from a mobile network operator. Airtime value, as opposed to a virtual voucher, is then 'transferred' directly from the vendor's cellular handset to that of the customer. When the vendor runs out of airtime value, it is a simple task to purchase more to resell to customers.


More about Hardware Solutions

  • GSM Products & Licensing

    Net1 offers a range of industry-standard and bespoke GSM / U(SIM) products and solutions across numerous silicon providers, architectures and frameworks under the Prism brand.
  • Transaction Security

    Electronic commerce continues to be plagued by security pitfalls, the lack of verification information and consumer reluctance to disclose sensitive credit or debit account information over the Internet are prohibitive.
  • Virtual Top-Up

    For GSM Network Operators looking to harness changing trends in the lucrative prepaid subscriber market, Net1's virtual airtime top-up solution is the most effective channel through which to maximize sales growth and distribution efficiency.
  • Payment Terminals

    The unique manner in which Net1 deploys its solutions for individuals and business is set to drive a fundamental change to the very manner in which transacting occurs.
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