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Key Products


Prism FlexiLANE™ is an end-to-end payment solutiondesigned to assist retail merchants and petroleum companies with the processing and handling of multiple transactions from several devices using multiple tender types.  

FlexiLANE™ forms an interfacing layer between a group of distributed terminal devices and a centralized payment and value added services (VAS) provider. This serves as an in-store payment controller which links all terminals to one site server and combines all transactions.

In this way FlexiLANE™ standardizes all legacy applications; handles the configuration and security needs of each device connected to it; manages Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) processing; effortlessly provides all VAS solutions and provides centralized and remote monitoring, management and reporting.

The FlexiLANE™ central server, FlexiGATE™ is a gateway managing the routing of all FlexiLANE™ traffic.

Key benefits: 

  • Complete Forecourt and C-Store integration 
  • Supports POS integration 
  • Fraud counter measures 
  • Web access for consolidated view of transaction history and reconciliation management 
  • Provides merchants with transactional control 
  • Ability to accept all card payment types - debit/credit (EMV) 
  • Supports Prism Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) 
  • Optional Electronic Cash Register (ECR) integration 
  • Portable terminals supported 
  • Ease of use 
  • Rapid installation 
  • Supports configurable forecourt product and pricing 
  • Comprehensive device management and terminal asset tracking 
  • Reliable, fast and efficient transaction processing 
  • Integrated crypto and key management functionality 
  • Maximum payment systems uptime; 15,000 hours field experience 
  • Remote management and diagnostics requiring minimal onsite maintenance 
  • Prepaid Electricity; Prepaid Airtime; Electronic Gift Vouchers; Bill Payment and TV License Payment

Features and Functions: 

  • Magstripe based Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) 
  • EMV - smartcard based EFT tokens 
  • Value Added Services (VAS) 
  • Comprehensive device management 
  • Security and key management 
  • Comprehensive transaction logging 
  • System and Transaction logging 
  • Remote monitoring and management using NETMONS
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