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Key Products

The U.E.P.S. Technology

We developed our core U.E.P.S. technology to enable the affordable delivery of financial products and services to the world's unbanked and under-banked populations.

Our native U.E.P.S. technology is designed to provide the secure delivery of these products and services in the most under-developed or rural environments, even in those that have little or no communications infrastructure.

Unlike a traditional credit or debit card where the operation of the account occurs on a centralized computer, each of our smart cards effectively operates as an individual bank account for all types of transactions.

All transactions that take place through our system occur between two smart cards at the POS as all of the relevant information necessary to perform and record transactions reside on the smart cards.

The transfer of money or other information can take place without any communication with a centralized computer since all validation, creation of audit records, encryption, decryption and authorization take place on, or are generated between, the smart cards themselves.

Importantly, the cards are protected through the use of biometric fingerprint identification, which is designed to ensure the security of funds and card holder information.

Transactions are generally settled by merchants and other commercial participants in the system by sending transaction data to a mainframe computer on a batch basis. Settlements can be performed online or offline.

The mainframe computer provides a central database of transactions, creating a complete audit trail that enables us to replace lost smart cards while preserving the notional account balance, and to identify fraud.

Our U.E.P.S. technology includes functionality that allows the following:

Transparent and automatic recovery of transactions Multiple wallets
Transaction cancellation "Morphing" of other common payment systems, such as the EuroPay, Mastercard and Visa global standard, or EMV
Refunds Automatic credit
Multiple audit trails Automatic debit
Offline loading and spending Interest calculations
Biometric identification "Milking" / batching of large transaction volumes in an off-line environment.
Continuous debit  


Our U.E.P.S. technology incorporates the software, smart cards, payment terminals, back-end infrastructure and transaction security to provide a complete payment and transaction processing solution.

Within industry verticals, our U.E.P.S. technology is applied to electronic commerce transactions in the fields of social security, wage distribution, banking, medical and patient management, money transfers, voting and identification systems.

Market sectors include government and NGOs, healthcare, telecoms, financial institutions, retailers, petroleum and utilities.


Our latest version of the U.E.P.S. technology is interoperable with the global EMV standard, allowing the cards to be used wherever EMV cards are accepted, while also providing all the additional functionality offered by U.E.P.S.

This U.E.P.S./EMV functionality is especially relevant in areas where there is an established payment system and provides flexibility to our customers to be serviced at any point of service. 


More about The U.E.P.S. Technology

  • Salary & Wage Distribution Payments

    The Net1 Salary and Wage application was designed in particular for the “un-banked” and “under-banked” market segments, but as the innovative products and services are being unveiled at affordable pricing, offering convenience and security, so is the interest and need arising from the “banked” sector.
  • U.E.P.S. Banking

    The Net1 U.E.P.S. (Universal Electronic Payment System) has secured a foothold in a number of African countries by supplying turnkey banking solutions that are ideally suited for developed and developing economies.
  • Third Party Host Deductions

    Net1 has designed and developed a system that manages 3rd party host deductions against value due for loading onto the U.E.P.S. cards.
  • Money Transfers

    The Universal Electronic Payment System (U.E.P.S.) offers a variety of options for the secure transfer of local funds from a Sender to a Recipient utilizing smart card technology.
  • Third Party Bill Payments

    Bill payment services offered by traditional Financial Institutions allow for 3rd party payments to be made to "Registered" merchant accounts. This implies that merchants have to be signed up to perform this function.
  • Cash Advances

    A Cash Advance is a facility made available to qualifying cardholders at any U.E.P.S. ATM and POS device at participating bank branches, merchant stores and micro-financier offices in urban, semi rural and rural areas.
  • Social Grant Benefit Payments

    The Net1 Social Grant Benefit Payments product was designed to enhance the participation of social grant beneficiaries in the economy of their countries.
  • Pension Collection & Distribution

    Net1 has designed a unique system of collecting pension contributions to alleviate non-payment of pension contributions from employers to pension schemes, tracking and tracing of employers and employees and to include efficient record-keeping of Pension Collections.
  • Retail

    The Net1 Retail application manages the flow of electronic funds between consumers, retailers, wholesalers and financial service providers.
  • Wholesale Distribution

    The Net1 wholesale distribution system offers wholesalers the facility to eliminate the need of accepting payment in cash from distributors.
  • Transportation

    The Transportation application was designed and developed by Net1 to offer a secure and effective electronic payment system for fare collections from commuters to the TransportationService Providers.
  • Pre-paid Utilities

    The Net1 Pre-paid Utilities allows for the transfer of prepaid units and information between facilities' providers and their metering devices such as water and electricity meters.
  • Virtual Top Up

    For GSM Network Operators looking to harness changing trends in the lucrative prepaid subscriber market, Net1's Voucherless airtime top-up solution is the most effective channel through which to maximize sales growth as well as distribution efficiency.
  • Loan Registration to Card

    This application allows for financial institutions to register loans on to the U.E.P.S. card to enable the system to apply an automatic debit against any incoming funds to the card in respect of the premium amount.
  • Insurance

    The Net1 U.E.P.S. Insurance System was designed to enable formal businesses to market and sell their products to the public at large.
  • National ID

    The National Identification Application provides Government with a smart card system which facilitates all the citizens/residents of the country having their national identification and fingerprints stored onto a smart card.
  • Voting

    Our Voting product provides Government with an Offline Electronic Voting Application to facilitate Presidential, Parliamentary and Council elections.
  • Driver's License

    The Driver's License application provides Government with a smart card system which facilitates all the citizens/residents of the country having their Driver's License statistics captured on to a smart card with biometric fingerprint identification.
  • National Health Insurance

    Net1 has designed a unique system for the premium collection, revenue management, membership identification, admittance and claim certification for the health industry.
  • Medical & Patient Management

    Net1 designed this product for the effective monitoring of funds from various funding organizations worldwide ensuring that the funds are utilized for the purpose for which they were intended.
  • Loan Deposits to Cards

    The Loan Deposit to Card was designed for Financiers to be able to participate in and utilize the U.E.P.S. (Universal Electronic Payment System) technology to minimize the cash amount being paid out to their clients in respect of Loans. Loans which are being made to cardholders can be loaded electronically on to their smart cards instead of dispensing cash.
  • Mobile Payments & Banking

    Net1 has designed and developed a Mobile Payments and Banking Services product for payment of goods and services using your mobile phone.
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