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Our Industries

Government & NGOs

A fundamental policy goal for almost any government is to enhance the welfare of the poorest citizens in the country, yet the use of cash is a poor method for delivering social welfare grants, benefits and wages.

Over four billion people earn less than two dollars per day - in general, these people either have no bank account or have very limited access to banking services. This occurs when banking fees are too high relative to income, a bank account provides little meaningful benefit or there is insufficient infrastructure to provide banking services economically in the individual's geographical market.

These individuals generally receive wages, welfare benefits or loans in the form of cash and conduct commercial transactions, including buying food and clothing, in cash. Cash is difficult to track and recipients are faced with various expenses and endure dangers that reduce the options available to them.

An individual's use of cash or lack of access to a bank account can dramatically increase the cost of engaging in basic financial transactions and in some cases completely prevents it. These basic transactions include the routine payment of insurance premiums, the transfer of money to relatives and the use of credit. It is difficult for an individual to obtain a loan on attractive terms without a bank account since there is no credit history and the individual usually cannot present a reliable means of repayment to the lender.

For governments, assistance programs reliant on the use of cash face considerable challenges. In addition to the costs and difficulties associated with using cash, corruption becomes an even bigger problem since there is no clear audit trail. The absence of an electronic system for the distribution of goods such as food, medicine and welfare benefits presents a major obstacle to ensuring the fair and reliable implementation of government policy or deployment of foreign aid.

Net1 assists government agencies in reducing the costs associated with the delivery of benefits by eliminating the use of cash and increasing their options.

  • Through use of the U.E.P.S. system, government agencies can deliver welfare benefits with increasing efficiency without a need for increased taxation.
  • A full audit trail facility assists with combating corruption.
  • The use of smart cards to deliver financial and Value Added Services, including insurance and burial cover products, allows regulatory bodies to expand transaction options to individuals who are frequently unable to protect themselves.
  • By providing comprehensive inventory management during the distribution of medical benefits, the system can lead to significantly improved patient treatment. For example, an artificial intelligence program deployed on the smart cards of HIV/AIDS patients in SA can be used to adjust patient prescriptions via data entered by trained medical workers on the POS devices.
  • The system has the added benefit of bringing informal business into the formal economy.

Our U.E.P.S. Technology Offering Incorporates:

Our Services include:   

  • Transaction Management Services
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): EasyPay switches credit, debit and fleet card EFT transactions for leading South African retailers and petroleum companies.
  • Hosting: EasyPay hosts payment servers and applications on behalf of third parties including financial institutions.
  • Settlement & Reconciliation: EasyPay provides a complete reconciliation and settlement service to its business partners, including dynamic reconciliation, report and screen-query tools for down-to-store-level management and control purposes.
  • Third Party Switching & Processing Support: EasyPay switches transactions from retail POS systems to the relevant back-end systems for Third Parties.

Our Products include: 

Transaction Security:   
Payment Terminals: 
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